First Colony community services fence standards

If you have an older fence in the Sugar Land or Missouri City area within First Colony HOA (FCCSA), you may not have realized the specifications for your street visible fencing have drastically changed.

The new standard according to the HOA, is 6’6″ tall cedar fence with base and cap. The fence must be built of cedar pickets and a treated pine 2×6″ base. In addition the fence must have a 2×6 cedar cap and 1×4″ cedar trim.

This fence specification includes any front facing fences, or fences running along a driveway if it is visible from the street.

This new fence is beautiful but not very easy on the pocketbook, but we at Republic Fence Co. feel your pain. Having lived within FCCSA for many years, we commiserate and are dedicated to giving you the best price on this bold new cedar fence. So give us a ring at 713-259-9439 to get your free fence quote before you sign up with anyone else.