Cedar PrivacY Fences

The Houston area has a LOT of privacy fences. Texas is known for friendly people, but we do like our privacy. Almost everyone will have a need for a privacy fence at some point. Almost anyone with a hammer can pound out a privacy fence (but what will it look like?) Better idea: let us do it instead!

Driveway Gates

You love your family, and you want to protect them as well as your property. We can design and install a custom driveway gate for your home. Imagine having a gate that senses you are driving up the street and automatically opens for your vehicle... it's a reality, and we can make it happen. We are Certified Automatic Gate Systems Designers (CAGSD)

oh yeah it's a real thing...and it's kind of a big deal!

Iron/ Steel Fencing

Maybe an iron fence or powder coated pre-fabricated steel fence would better serve your needs? Fortunately we know a LOT about fencing and can help you determine the best product for the application. Fast and cheap or something with a lifetime warranty? Give us a call to talk about it!


More about Cedar Privacy fences...

Here are the common questions about a fence in Houston:

-The vertical boards are called "pickets", the horizontal boards are "rails" and the board along the ground at the bottom is a "baseboard" or "rotboard"

-Cedar is never treated, it is naturally rot resistant. Pine is the wood that needs to be treated because it is soft and will rot fast if it is not treated. Chemically treated pine boards are recommeded for the posts and rails of a fence but the pickets should be cedar

-The average lifespan of a cedar privacy fence in the Houston area is 12 to 18 years. Humidity, sprinklers, landscaping, vines and mold will speed up the decay process




driveway gates: Access Control

Beautify your property, protect your family, get automated. We consult with you to determine the best design and application for your gate. Automatic operators? Magnetic locks? Vehicle detection devices? Safety features to prevent injuries? We know all about them. Plus, we are familiar with most HOA's in the Sugar Land area regarding fences and gates and know what type of gates you can get approved!

Automated gates can be a great addition to your property, but they can also be dangerous to pets, children and strangers who would love to blame you for their injuries...BUT all that can be alleviated by knowing the laws and recommendations for having a large piece of moving steel in your driveway. The American Fence Association provides training and certification in gate systems design which includes all of the ASTM Standards. We went there and learned that and will build it right!


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If you have made it this far down onto the page you must really be interested in learning about fences...it's time to give us a call.