This is where we compile all the questions we have received over the years (well not all of them, but the most useful ones)

How Long will the fence project take:

Good question... most wood fence projects will take from 1 to 2 days. Metal driveway gate projects can take up to 3 weeks to fabricate but 1 to 2 days to install. Most jobs of residential size are done in 2 days with the exception being a very large yard which may take longer.


What are the payment terms?

Like most professional fence installers we require 50% deposit upon acceptance of our contract in order to secure your space on the install schedule. The remainder is due when the job is finished. No financing is not available unless you consider your credit card financing. Visa/MC only, no American Express, Discover or Diners Club.

what warranty is offered

Wood privacy fence has a 1 year installation warranty, not a materials warranty. This is often a point of confusion: the installation warranty covers HOW the fence is built; the workmanship, including fasteners and adequate concrete, and covers you from the fence falling apart after we leave. Conversely, materials warranties cover the actual lumber, like cracks, warps, wanes, defects, etc. We do not provide a materials warranty because you never know what a particular board is going to do in the crazy Texas weather.

Metal fencing usually has a materials warranty from 10 years to lifetime in some instances, in addition to the installation warranty.

Other products we install may have different warranties of which we will inform the customers as applicable.